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"The topics discussed in breakouts (local and at nationals) reveal real world issues that even if not mimicking things I have to address in my business they are conceptually similar.  Every business has issues with: staff, clients, vendors, processes, facilities, regulations and every owner has challenges with work/life balance." ~ S. Hoffman, CEO

What do CEO's say about CEBI?

There's very few opportunities to share your problems with others who will understand what you are going through as a business owner.  CEBI is a great sounding board for business owners to share their problems with like minded individuals.  Often they have been through the same issues you have and can offer great advice on how to deal with these issues.  They way i look at it if i can go to a meeting and come away with just 1 idea to help me improve my business or my life it was time well spent.  I have never left a meeting without something i can use! ~ T. Gase, CEO
"CEBI has helped me delineate where my most impactful presence is. The meetings and summits are also a great place to be exposed to ideas and trends that I might not otherwise bump into." ~ E Pikat, CEO 
I will say that CEBI format  has had a huge impact on me and the business. Principally because we share experiences and learn from someone that is doing vs paying a consultant that has usually failed at doing.  My experience the benefit to me and my business has come from learning great ideas and then then going back and implementing those new ideas.  ~D.Shull, CEO


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